Murphy's law?

So, I planned a vacation for this week (the week immediately following FileMaker Devcon). All of my official Soliant work duties were pretty well covered, and I didn't receive any panic calls from the office or from any Soliant clients… enter the ghosts of freelance past.

After (mercifully) not having had much "help desk" action all year from various and sundry family, friends and former clients, the week I'm on vacation I get "emergency" calls from a freebie website done years ago, three former customers, my sister, and a former colleague.

In all but one case, there were two or more voicemail messages left on my business line, generally also accompanied by redundant messages on my cel and email. Only in that one case (thank you!) was my plea of being on vacation gracefully honored. In all other cases I basically got, "Yeah, that's nice. But what about ME?"

The best laid plans… (how does that go again?)


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