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OSX Worm I'm sure Rev Blackwell †1 will let us know what implications may emerge on the security front. By way of headline-level information for Joe User, how's this?: SEEMS PRETTY HARMLESS FOR NOW. However, with things like Automator lying around on Ye' Olde Grandmother's Mac (that's not a brand of whiskey, sir), one can imagine this could be a marker event ... a mockup if you will. After all, all those *nix weenies have a way easier time with (Mac)nix than WinNT. Let's see; your job is to figure out how to install and trigger a shell script on as many "open" computers as you can find, with out user intervention.††2 (NOT REALLY, BRUCE) With the swelling of said slim install base, do you think most of the said same weenies had to, "like, study another ' For Dummies ' manual?" Now that a measurable number of broad-band connected !Macs! (soon to be !Intels! , thank you very much) are ap

Small Solutions Inc. Dissolves

Effective March 1, 2006, Jeremiah Small (that's me) will no longer be providing technical consulting services under the banner of Small Solutions, Inc. In December of 2005, I entered an employment agreement with Soliant Consulting, as a "Senior Technical Lead" (aka Project Manager). I am utterly pleased and gratified that I was able to make this connection with Soliant. They first came onto my radar when I read Roger Jaques' article on anchor/buoy last summer just before DevCon in Phoenix. I went and found him there with the sole intent of comparing notes on a case I was making at the time for a hybrid approach to A/B (which is a remains a cool idea, but which I have since abandoned in favor of the rote simplicity of strict A/B; perhaps more another post.) I was impressed with his approach, articulation and attitude, and then was further impressed with Scott Love's presentation on A/B and other topics in his session presentations. I came away from DevCon 05 thinki