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Introducing simpleFM, PHP edition

On Friday the 13th of April, I did a presentation of a complex FileMaker and Flash integration project I built. From previous experience presenting multi-technology integration projects to developers, I have come to realize that what people want is less of the Power Point, less of the gee-whiz demo files, and more of the practical cook book material. So on Thursday before the presentation, I put together a very simple Flash demo which contains all of the details on how to make Flash interact bi-directionally with FMSA, and not much else. The process got me thinking; it is so simple to understand the well documented FMSA CWP API and build command urls, and it is so simple to use the built-in XML() class in ActionScript 2 to slice and dice the xml FMSA returns, why are all the connectors which exist for interacting with FMSA so relatively complex? I have experience with FX.php , FMandPHP , and FileMakerPHP . For dot net integration with FMSA, there is Wim Decorte's FMdotNET . I a