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Problems with Showtime Anytime via Charter

Showtime Anytime vs HBO Go I am a recent Charter cable TV subscriber (although I have been a Charter internet subscriber for over a decade). I subscribe to HBO and Cinemax, which gives me the HBO Go and Max Go on-demand options, both which work flawlessly for me. I also subscribe to Showtime, which gives me the Showtime Anytime on-demand option. This has been nothing but a headache so far. Unlike the two Go apps, Showtime Anytime requires that you register before your Charter login will give you access to their premium content. This in and of itself is annoying, but what makes it far worse is that in all the places where they tell you about this registration requirement, they provide no hyperlink to aid you in figuring out where/what exactly they are asking for, and so far, I have never been able to login. The login process, in short (detailed screenshots below), involves two different Showtime web sites ( and which seem to be very loosely int