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FileMaker-side CWP scripts

Q: Given a file with just base table references can I use the script and go to a layout in the script and create the records. A: Sure. No problem, although Having relationships between your FileMaker TOs gives you lots of additinal options. What might help in terms of visualizing what you can do is to remember that you are always acting on layouts in virtual windows from CWP. You still have a found set and multiple windows! (nice.) Check the web compatibility bit in ScriptMaker and you will see that the “New Window” step turns into “New Window (VIRTUAL WINDOW ON WEB)” when used in a script. One trick I use commonly to preserve a session record context with CWP is I use a CWP find to isolate my base record, and then run a FileMaker script on that record (as needed, invoking new virtual windows to create processing sets i.e line items or what have you). This can make your PHP scripting pretty simple, and really helps performance, because all the scripting becomes FileMaker side. That is

So... the FileMaker API for PHP public beta

First off, the official name, "FileMaker API for PHP" has a real snappy ring to it. I'm sure that will really catch on (not). When in official capacity (i.e. onstage at Devcon ) I will have to use the sanctioned official name, so I have been practicing the discipline of not abbreviating it or nicknaming it. Chris Hansen (half?) jokingly has called it FAP. I call it filemaker.php or fmphp in my code comments. It's pretty convenient for everyone that the other two established third party FileMaker API classes for PHP called themselves the cool and streamline name, " FX.php " and the charmingly cumbersome name, " FMandPHP ". This leaves no conflict for fmphp or filemaker.php, so I suspect one or both of those will become the de facto nicknames for the official class. So what about this new kid on the block? If you already have a test server with PHP on it, you can just grab the "Bundle" with the class, examples and docs here: http://www.fil