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FileMaker Devcon focuses on web

Many of the developers I know who have been to FileMaker's Devcon more than once, have started to wonder if it's worth going to a trade-show cum newbie-fest that is starting to feel like deja vu. This year it seems clear that the event organizers have listened to this feedback. Look at the three session tracks this year (plus the workshop track which I'm setting apart). Two things stand out immediately. First they have a dedicated "Advanced" track. I am optimistic that Ray Cologon, Corn Walker, Andy Lecates, Todd Geist, and all the other heavy-weights on the advanced track will up the ante this year, giving advanced and expert developers some good stuff to chew on. Second, take a look at the special themed "Web Publishing Track" (featuring a session by yours truly, as it happens). This is a significant change in focus for Devcon, dedicating between a quarter and a third of the entire on conference to connecting web browsers to FileMaker solutions. My s