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Freelance Again

Time to dust off the old blog. For the better part of two decades in technology consulting, I've been a member of a great team at Soliant Consulting. Prior to joining Soliant, I spent four years freelancing. Admittedly influenced by  The Big Quit , I made up my mind in the first half of 2022 to return to the freelancer life. It's not a decision that I made lightly, for a number of reasons. At the top of the list, financial stability. It's hard to overstate the appeal of a generous salary and benefits that appear as if by magic every month. Another big draw was being part of a team that allowed me to not just work in the business, but on the business. Freelancing is essentially a solo sport, whereas being on a team is a much richer meta project of inventing, defining, and refining best practices that give the team unity and polish. As a member of a team that has been named a  Best & Brightest Company to Work For in the Nation for the past four years in a row , one of my